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SpaceX Starship SN1-SN6 Updates
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Geplaatst door: op 13-02-20 16:14 | E-mail:
Thursday 13/2/2020

Boca Chica News, Texas USA
* New level added to second VAB.

* Bulkheads, ring construction, tank sections stacking all continue at rapid pace as SN-1 & SN-2 building progresses.
* SN-1 gaines valves and pressurization systems.
* One segment with 5 rings stacked.

SpaceX Flight News
* SpaceX Demo-2 Crew Dragon spacecraft for crewed test to the ISS arrives at Kennedy Space Center(KSC).
* SpaceXs Demo-2 manned launch aimed for May, 7th, 2020.
* Falcon 9 to launch 5th load of 60 Starlink satellites, Saturday, Feb. 15th, launch at 15.46 GMT.
* Falcon 9 Cargo Dragon, CRS20, launch to ISS, Monday, March 2nd, 06.45 GMT.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 2 | Reactie van: op 23-02-20 16:16 | E-mail:
Monday 17/2/2020

* SpaceX heeft een stack van 4 ringen (1,8m per ring, onderste deel) en 1 van 5 ringen(dat is in ieder geval een tanksectie) op elkaar gezet. Dus de Starship SN-1 is momenteel 16,4 meter hoog, plus nog iets van 1,8m er boven uitstekend tankgedeelte (dome-shape).
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 3 | Reactie van: op 23-02-20 16:17 | E-mail:
Friday 21/02/2020

* Tanksection is welded together.
* The lifting crane is taken off.
* New ring sections are put into the union-tent.
* Progress is being made on the different nose sections.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 4 | Reactie van: op 23-02-20 16:23 | E-mail:
Sunday 23/02/2020

* Tanksection is lifted on top of the engine section with a large new crane. The entire stack is very close to the road and entrance, so very good visible.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 5 | Reactie van: op 23-02-20 18:15 | E-mail:
Sunday 23/02/2020

* Internal fuel pipe lowered down from the top, through the upper tank. This pipe is about 40-50 cm in diameter and some 10-12 meters long. It has three big holes at the bottom side part, I guess to connect to the engines. Will probably be connected to the bottom of the upper fuel (liquid methane) tank. It will pass through the liquid Oxigan tank.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 6 | Reactie van: op 23-02-20 19:57 | E-mail:
Sunday 23/02/2020

Hahaha,...they removed the fuel pipe again.
Probably to change some things, or it was a fitting test of some kind...
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 7 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 26-02-20 14:42 | E-mail: info(at)
Wednesday 26/02/2020

Starship SN-1 (at least a big part of it) transported to its test location. Put on the test stand by Big Crane "Berry".
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 8 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 27-02-20 17:37 | E-mail: info(at)
Thursday 27-02-2020

* Starship SN1 tank preparing for Raptor (engines) attachment, pressure testing and static firing.

Elon Musk:
* SN2 tank integration begins this week with much less circumferential pucker... (had to search that one up... if I am alright, it means with less dents, wrinkles or bends in the body... Correct me if I am wrong.)
* We had the wrong (welding) settings! [...]. Having the right settings is a major improvement.

* They will also use a planisher to make the weldings more flat.
* SN2 will get 3 Raptor engines. Most likely SN1 will not fly, but do a static firing only. Because 1 or 2 Raptors will not be enough to lift it properly.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 9 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 28-02-20 20:24 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 28-02-2020

* Nose cone sections stacked.
* Roof on 2nd VAB building ready. Wall mounting begins.
* It looks like a 3rd Garlic Tent/Building is being build.

Elon Musk:
* Raptor accumulated 3.200 secs of testing with 18 different motors.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 10 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 02-03-20 13:37 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 02-03-2020

* On feb 28, 2020, SN1 desintegrated with two loud "bangs", at cryogenic pressure testing (liquid oxygen in the lower tank). The entire section of about 25-30 meters high, went 25 meters high up into the air, destroying the entire bottom section, doing so, after which it fell down and was totally destroyed. After hitting the ground, the upper tank section (probably filled with liquid nitrogen N2), which was still intact, exploded and sent the bulkhead away as if it where a canon ball...
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 11 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 02-03-20 13:49 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 02-03-2020

* Big parts (Bulkhead), where thrown hundreds of meters away from the test stand.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 12 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 02-03-20 14:12 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 02-03-2020

* The remaining parts of SN1 are rapidly being removed from the test stand at Boca Chica.
* Vertical flip of a (SN2?) dome tank section, in the VAB-1 windbreaker. (VAB=Vertical Assembly Building).
It looked as if one of the turning motors was stuck halfway, but after some mechanics took care of it, it turned for the full 180 degrees.
* The front side of VAB-2 is plated. The roof is completly on it.
* The 3rd Garlic Tent has now three trusses upright, with the roofing on it. Previously, they first put all trusses in place and than put the roofing on it.

Correction: the vertical flip is done in VAB-2!
Wow! Huh!?
The building is not even completed! ...That is a quick use or it!
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 13 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 02-03-20 14:32 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 02-03-2020

* All kind of rings are replaced and transported.
* It looks like a new tent for ring manufacturing is going on... Big stacks of tent hardware is on the site and a new piece of ground is being levelled.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 14 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 05-03-20 15:17 | E-mail: info(at)
Thursday 05-03-2020

* New tent for ring manufacturing already had 6 beams on Tuesday/Wednesday. Now on Thursday, 10 beams have been placed. It is really getting form. Roof sheeting is done directly. The side (bottom) supports of the tent are placed on top of two containers in height, probably to get more height for rocket pieces inside.
* Engine section, in the VAB-2 gets some sort of thrust ring on it. Also a Bulkhead piece is placed in the VAB-2.
* VAB-2 construction (plating) still ongoing. One side almost closed.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 15 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 05-03-20 15:36 | E-mail: info(at)
Thursday 05-03-2020

* The bulkhead in VAB-2 is put on top of the engine section. It has a big manhole, for welding and other work inside.
* New tent: 11 beams have been placed.
* Ring production (1.8m heigh) seems to be at full speed.
* Transporter is rolled in: it has some 40 or 60 wheels for transporting the upcoming SN-2 to the test stand.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 16 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 06-03-20 21:07 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 06-03-2020

* Repairs of launch pad started.
* SN-2 tank build continues to prep for tank test.
* SN-3 ring construction and stacking ongoing. Nose Cones and domes in various stages of construction.
* Siding(one) installed on VAB-2 building.
* Garlic tent 3 is rapidly adding framework and covering.
* It looks even as if ground is being prepared next to it for yet another tent...
* Road closures: Friday 6th
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 17 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 07-03-20 00:22 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 06-03-2020

* SN-2 tank section is being rolled out, on what it looks to be, its own test stand, on a big truck.
* SN-2 test tank section is on the test stand.
* A new terrain is being leveled in front of the garlic tent 1 and 2. Grass is removed, sand and an underlayer of some sort of plastic or weaving is put on top of it, covered with more sand and flattened with rolling machines. New paved parking places...?
* Garlic tent 3: 14 beams have been placed.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 18 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 14-03-20 00:59 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 09-03-2020

* SN2 (with trhrust puck) passed cryo pressure & engine thrust load tests late last night (Elon Musk).
* Statric fire & short flights with SN3, longer flights with SN4, but spooling up the whole Starship/Raptor production line is really what matters. (Elon Musk).
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 19 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 14-03-20 01:36 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 14-03-2020

* Garlic tent 3: all 20 beams have been placed. Roofing has been placed, cladding is being placed.
* VAB-2 back side, nears completion.
* SN2 test tank looks quite well, SN3 is even better.
* New building stand, probably for garlic tent 3, is being constructed.
* SN3/SN4 ring construction/stacking ongoing.
SpaceX Starship SN1 update 20 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 16-03-20 21:13 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 16-03-2020

* SN2 tank transported from test stand back to construction facilities.
* Spooling up the whole starship production line is what really matters (Elon Musk).
SpaceX Starship SN update 21 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 18-03-20 20:22 | E-mail: info(at)
Wednesday 18-03-2020

* VAB-2 got an internal lift(personnel)
* New tent gets its beams erected.
* SN3 nose cone gets a bottom cone part connected.
* Bottom dome, with thrust puck, gets its rings(3) atteched. The entire piece is still upside down.
* Concrete pouring in different places.
SpaceX Starship SN update 22 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 19-03-20 14:21 | E-mail: info(at)
Thursday 19-03-2020

* VAB-2 gets its last left wall done with sheeting.
* SN3 stacking begins in VAB-2.

Elon Musk: Super heavy and Starship evolves: slight booster length increase to 70m, so 120m for whole system, Liftoff mass ~5000 metric tons. Design is evolving rapidly. Would be great to flatten domes, embed engines & add ~1.5 barrel sections of propellant for same total length. Also current legs are a bit too small.
SpaceX Starship SN update 23 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 20-03-20 12:54 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 20-03-2020

* SN3 stacked up to 10 rings!
* In front of the new tent, a new concrete slap is being prepared. New tent has all beams standing up.
* SN3 will do motor (Raptor) tests and little hops.

* SN4 will do a 20Km flight(later this spring).
* SN5 / SN6 --> orbital mission(?)

SpaceX Starship SN update 24 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 21-03-20 13:21 | E-mail: info(at)
Saturday 21-03-2020

* In front of the new tent, the new concrete slap is pored.
* Garlic tent 3 gets its front side installed. Metal support beams are connected.
* More work on SN3 nose cone.
SpaceX Starship SN update 25 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 24-03-20 01:00 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 24-03-2020

* SN4 nose cone is outside the garlic tent.
* SN3 motor sections (3 rings with thrust puck and lower 2 rings) are stacked together.
* On the new new concrete slap, new metal beams are erected and connected together.
SpaceX Starship SN update 26 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 25-03-20 13:26 | E-mail: info(at)
Wednesday 25-03-2020

* Much (ground)work is done on the testing terrain.
* Three thick concrete slabs are made under the Starship Hopper, very close to the road. It look like more concrete work is coming up.
* Multiple test stands are on site now (4 or 5).
* A big quadpod (tripod+1 :-) ) is on the testing terrain.
* Much work is done on the big test stand.
SpaceX Starship SN update 27 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 25-03-20 13:55 | E-mail: info(at)
Wednesday 25-03-2020

* The big quadpod has 4 massive connexion points on top of it. It looks like to be ~10cm thick steel. It has been put, from the top, down in the middle of the big test stand. For holding SN3 down while testing the engines...?
* The big test stand also has big sturdy metal boxes inside. Could be housing hold down clamps/mechanics...?
SpaceX Starship SN3 update 28 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 28-03-20 13:38 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 27-03-2020

* Launch site activities accelerate: On the big quadpod, 3, what looks to be hydrolic actuators are mounted on top. Probably to do load test (as if it where motors, on the bottom of SN3 rocket)
* SN3 tank sections are stacked on top of the SN3 motor section.
* Preparations underway for move of the SN3 to the launch pad for systems integration, testing, Raptor engine installation and testing, and 150m test flight.
* Big concrete slab poured under and near the Star Hopper.
* Road closures announced: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 6/4, 7/4 and 8/4.
* Nasa selects SpaceX as the first provider to deliver cargo. experiments and other supplies to the agencys Gateway, in lunar orbit. SpaceX will launch a spacecraft called "Dragon XL" on Falcon Heavy to deliver more than 5 metric tons of cargo to Gateway.
* SN4 ring construction, nose cone and domes construction/stacking ongoing.
* 6 more Falcon Heavy flights planned for 2020 up to 2022.
SpaceX Starship SN3 update 29 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 29-03-20 17:12 | E-mail: info(at)
Sunday 29-03-2020

* On the new new concrete slap(see Monday 24-03-2020), all the metal beams are erected for the new building/tent and connected together. Roof beams and wall supporting beams are also being connected.
* Massive yellow Berry Crane in front of VAB2.
* Extra, white, slender Helium tanks installed at test site.
* Starship SN3 has about 8 external black pressure tanks (CPVs = Composite Pressure Vessels).
* Starship SN3 exits VAB2 (Vertical Assembly Building 2) ahead of roll to the launch pad.
* SpaceX Sarens Crawler (96 wheels!, per two stearable) prepares for SN3 transport to the test/launch stand.
SpaceX Starship SN3 update 30 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 30-03-20 17:12 | E-mail: info(at)
Monday 30-03-2020

* Starship SN3 transported to the test/launch stand.
* Starship SN3 lifted onto the test stand at Boca Chica.
* It looks like SN3 has 5 or 6 landing legs, inside the aft ring sections. They seem to be flipped out and locked into place. Just inside the ring structure hinges are visible.
SpaceX Starship SN3 update 31 | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 03-04-20 10:33 | E-mail: info(at)
Friday 03-04-2020

* Starship SN3 comes to life, ambient temperature pressure testing.
* Starship SN3 cryogenic pressure test 1(lower part above O2 tank section).
* Starship SN3 fails pressure test upper part... SN3 just implodes below upper part and collapses...

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