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Thanks, order arrived !
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Geplaatst door: Jan Steiner op 31-08-13 21:37 | E-mail: jan.steiner(at)
Everything arrived in excellent condition! Thank you so much.

Hello Modelrockets.NL | Klaas-Jan

Good News - The order arrived on Wednesday this week at our home. As I was already away and I planned to use the items on Thursday, my wife sent them to my workplace, where they arrived on thursday morning. It couldn't be a better timing :-)

I planned to do a teambuilding event for our working group as we have some new employees (all with engineering background). And the different teams had to build a Modelrocket which had to fullfill some criterias...

I had also the ROCKSIM from Apogee with me so they had to simulate their proper design to check if stability is within limits and so on...

Thursday evening then, it all happened. The four Rockets worked like a charm. All used D12-5 or D12-7 Motors as maximum "height" was one of the criterias to reach for.

We packed the Apogee Altimeter TWO into the rockets and let them go off. What a pleasure and what a WOW Effect after 1 Day teambuilding-event!

The highest rocket went up to 560m and reached a max speed of 580km/h. We were quite impressed.

I would like to thank you so much, that you sent me those items and we could have that much fun. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, you will add "Switzerland" in your list of trusted Countries to sent items to, in the future. So I'll maybe come back in the future to order some more stuff :-)

Thanks again Klaas-Jan and lots of regards to the Netherlands


Re: order received | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 31-08-13 21:46 | E-mail: info(at)
Hello Jan,
Fine to read you received everything in good condition and even better that your teambuilding event was a success!
What models did you build and fly?
(Red. photo added, see above)
I am glad I could help you out and would appreciate it very much if you could recommend me to other people.
Have a nice day,
Met vriendelijke groet,
Klaas-Jan van Til
Re: order received | Reactie van: Jan Steiner op 31-08-13 21:49 | E-mail: jan.steiner(at)
Hi Klaas-Jan
Well, I set up the Teambuilding-Contest in a way, that every team had to design their Rocket from scratch. They knew the criterias which were:
1. Real Height after Flight as close as possible to the simulated height
2. Real time of flight as close as possible to the simulated time of flight
3. Absolute height
4. Absolute time of flight
5. Design (Coloring etc.)
And over all: the Rocket had to be able to fly at least a second time with just the Motor beeing exchanged.
So with this in mind, the teams had to desing and build their own rockets...
I provided different parts like the bodytubes or the nose cones or the engine mounts (all for different sizes of rockets) and lots of paper documentation about how to build and design a modelrocket. But the final desing, construction had to be deceided by every team on it's own (and make sure that CG and CP were on a proper position and in proper relation to each other).
See picture of the four rockets. (Red. added above)
Of course I will recommend you to others if they ask me about rocketry...
Thanks again and enjoy the weekend.
Re: order received | Reactie van: Modelraketten.NL op 31-08-13 21:51 | E-mail: info(at)
For newbie’s quite a challenge and well done!
Have a nice day,
Klaas-Jan van Til
Re: order received | Reactie van: Jan Steiner op 31-08-13 21:52 | E-mail: jan.steiner(at)
Yes - you are right. And they were all very proud after the successful launches!
Take care... Jan

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