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Parts/Diverse: Nosecone 66mm (PNC-80A-Ogive)
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Nosecone 66mm (PNC-80A-Ogive) Nosecone (Estes-compatible), ogive shaped.
This one is only available at Modelrockets.NL / Modelraketten.NL

Made of durable plastic, with an eyelet for shockcord and recoverysystem.

This is a big nosecone, one of the largest.

* Bodytube of 66mm(BT80)
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* Gelijkend op/Alike:
  V2 Semi Scale / Executioner / Maxi Alpha etc.
* Neuskegel/Nose cone, 1 stuks/piece.
* Lengte kegel/Cone Length: 210mm.
* Lengte schouderstuk/Shoulderpiece length: 31mm.
* Totale lengte/Total length: 241mm.
* Uitwendige diameter: 66mm
* Gewicht/Weight: 46gr.
* Kleur/Colour: wit/white.
* Materiaal/Material: kunststof/plastic.
* Met een bevestigingsoog voor schokkoord en parachute.
* The neck design is improved (sloping side/schuine zijde), so that instead of releasing the ejection charge pressure all in one "pop", the pressure is released more gradually, reducing the risk of rebound damages.

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€ 12.95