General Conditions
Shipping & Paying Info

With Other Party or Buyer is meant: the natural person or legal entity,
that puts an order through at Modelraketten.NL for the manufacture and/or supply of goods and/or services.

With Seller is meant: Modelraketten.NL

Identity of the entrepreneur:
    Klaas-Jan van Til
    Weg naar Laren 29
    7203HE, Zutphen

     Mobile:         0031-(0)6-1675 4047
     Office/Home: 0031-(0)575 843749

Chamber of commerce Nr: 50001574 (KvK North Netherlands)
VAT-Nr: NL129450029B02

These terms and conditions apply to every offer, tender and agreement between Seller and a Buyer or other party, on which Seller applies these conditions, insofar, as parties have not deviated from them explicitly and in writing.

The applicability of any purchase- or other conditions of the other party or buyer is expressly rejected.

If there is ambiguity as to the interpretation of one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions, the interpretation should be "to the spirit" of these provisions.

If there is a situation between the parties that is not regulated in these general conditions, this situation should be assessed in the spirit of these general conditions.

If seller does not always require strict compliance with these conditions, this does not mean that the provisions thereof do not apply, or that the Seller would lose the right to any extent in other cases, to demand the punctual observance of the provisions of these conditions.

Your data:
Modelraketten.NL does not follow you on the internet.
We do not place tracking cookies to see what you're doing.
We do not sell your data either. We do not give them away either.
We use your data only for the execution of our service to you, the sending of your orders, communicating about your orders, providing information about your orders and sporadically for informing about our services. We do not send out weekly advertising and do not complain that you should keep returning, or that we have not seen you for two days.

If you placed an order via the internet-shop of Modelraketten.NL, you'll receive an overview of your order with order number and shipping data, at the end of you order (max. 8 steps). You will also get an overview of the payment information of Modelraketten.NL.

This information can be printed from that page. They are also sent to you via your email address.

Payment in advance:
Modelraketten.NL only sends Orders when paid in advance on the account of Modelraketten.NL.
As soon as we receive your paymant, we will ship your order via parcelpost of DHL
(small shipments can be sent via normal mail).
We recommend using your own online banking. That is normally without additional costs and safe and secure.

Payment via Paypal is also possible.
However, Paypal charges us with extra costs, collecting your payment.
These fees are charged to you and are 3.4% of your total + € 1,50.

If you have an order total of € 100,- (Incl. shipping),
Then you have to transfer via Paypal € 100,- + € 3,40 + € 1,50 = € 104,90.

Go to Paypal or use:

Payments by bank transfer card can take several days.
Payments through electronic banking are often in just a few days credited to the account.
Make sure to mention your name and address making a payment and ALWAYS include the OrderNr.

The purchase agreement between buyer and "Modelraketten.NL" immediately sets in and is binding as soon as you:
1. put an order through via the website of "Modelraketten.NL" by correctly and completely going through the order procedure.
2. take notice of and agree with our General Conditions / Shipping & Paying Info.
3. click the "confirm" button which sent your order to "Modelraketten.NL" and from who you received an order confirmation by e-mail containing an overview of you order.

You commit yourself to pay the total amount incl. (shipping)costs, related to the order placed by you.

All purchases made via Modelraketten.NL, are covered by our purchase agreement with the buyer and the terms and conditions of Modelraketten.NL. The risk of damage, loss or theft, shall pass to the buyer, as soon as we have transferred the goods to the carrier/deliverer.

Dissolve agreement:
Ordered products must be delivered to the buyer at most 30 days after ordering. If this does not happen, both buyer and seller have the right to undo the contract immediately without right to any compensation (indemnification). Both buyer and seller must inform each other in writing. This rule does not apply when both parties have agreed to a different delivery period.

An exception to this right is if the buyer fails to pick up the parcel in time from a service point/pickup address of the package. The parcel service sends a pickup message to the buyer as well as Modelraketten.NL does, to the specified mail address. A failure to respond to this, or a failure to pick up the package, or incorrectly specifying an e-mail address, is not to blame Modelraketten.NL. Buyer cannot derive any rights from this and is responsible for the timely pickup of his package.
Additional shipping costs that must be made for the redispatch, after we have received the return package, will be charged entirely to the buyer.

Shipping/Shipment cost:
DHL Package(standard delivery service):
For shipping we use DHL online postage with Barcode, what makes tracing your shipment possible via
Shipping costs for NL are € 8,70 (incl 21% VAT).
Shipping costs for Western Europe up to 2Kg are € 12,70 (incl 21% VAT).
Shipping costs for Western Europe from 2 to 5Kg are € 19,00 (incl 21% VAT).
Shipping costs for Western Europe from 5 to 10Kg are € 24,00 (incl 21% VAT).
Shipping costs for other west European countries up to 2Kg are € 16,00 (incl 21% VAT).
Shipping costs for other west European countries from 2 to 5Kg are € 23,00 (incl 21% VAT).
Shipping costs for CH-Switzerland (inside EU, outside EU-union) are € 16,00 (incl 21% VAT).
An e-Mail will be sent, after we have received payment and shipped your Package with Barcode (if applicable).
This barcode can be entered at the site, for tracing your package.
Delivery in NL: mostly within 48hours - on workdays (monday is not a workday at DHL, Saturday is). To foreign countries 7-14 days.
Dispatched befor 16.00hrs. Delivery
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday
Saturday Tuesday

PostNL Package:
For shipping we use PostNL AVP postage with Barcode, what makes tracing your shipment possible via Tracktrace.NL.
Shipping costs for NL are € 8,40 (incl 21% btw).
Shipping costs for other west-EU countries are € 15,75 (incl 21% btw, Max. 2Kg, no insurance, with Tracktrace code).
An e-Mail will be sent, after we have received payment and shipped your Package with Barcode (if applicable).
This barcode can be entered at the site Tracktrace.NL, for tracing your package.
Delivery in NL: mostly within 48hours - on workdays. Delivery also on Mondays.

Small packages can sometimes be shipped via mailbox post. They will not have a TrackTrace code and cannot be traced.

Influences from outside, as bad weatheritenaf, busy traffic or calamities can disturb transport schedules.
Other influences as: credit payments, availability of items, busy period, etc. can unexpectedly cause delays.
We give no insurances about delivery times!

We do our very best to deliver your order as soon as possible. However, it is possible that an article is (temporarily) out of stock and we have our suppliers to request forwarding. In that case we will inform you by e-mail and your order is parked until delivery is possible. Parking an order is no reason for Modelraketten.NL to refund your payment. If we can not deliver your order items (anymore), then your payment can be reserved or the (partial) amount will be refunded to your account as soon as possible. In this case we will contact you for this.

In some cases, other delivery services may be used with other delivery times or transport time. These same general conditions and delivery times of the delivery service concernedapply.

Hiervoor wordt een AVP pakketzegel (Algemene Voorwaarden voor opgedragen Postvervoer) gebruikt met streepjescode, wat het volgen van de verzending via Tracktrace.NL mogelijk maakt. (kleine zendingen kunnen soms normaal, via brievenbuspost, gefrankeerd worden en zijn dan niet via Tracktrace te volgen.)

After receiving your payment you will receive an e-mail with the package stamp code (if applicable).
You can enter this along with your specified zip code on the Tracktrace website
After delivery of the shipment at PostNL it usually takes no more than 24 hours until the goods are presented to the buyer for receipt.

Remainder Shipping costs / Order amounts
Modelraketten.NL is not obligated to refund remainder Shipping costs and/or Order amounts(eg arising after an order change). If remainder shipping costs and/or Order amounts are marked as discount on a next order, these will expire automatically after 3 months. You will get a clear message from us, if remainder shipping costs and/or Order amounts are marked as a discount on a next order.

Displayed information on or via the site / Deviations:
There may be discrepancies between information displayed, including (sub/total)prices, photos and actual articles. This is sometimes due to modifications of the manufacturers of their products or the information indicated on the products, but may also be a mistake made by us or the system, accidentally created. However, you cannot derive rights from this and we would find it very pleasant if you could inform us about it. We do our utmost best to keep our data correct and to show it to you.
In case of lack of clarity, inform yourself before you make a purchase.
If you are unhappy about your transmission in spite of our good concerns, you can of course contact us. We will then do our best to comply with you to come to a solution.
Products delivered remain the property of Modelraketten.NL, until payment of the right and full amount has been received. After that the articles ownership transfers to buyer.

Foreign countries:
Shipping to foreign countries(Europe) is possible. Always enter the correct country with your addressdata (In the summary you will find this behind your city's name).
For payment from abroad your will get international bankdata on the last page of the ordering procedure.
These costs are a bit higher.

Always use a SEPA moneytransfer. In this way, there are no extra costs involved. If transferred in any other way, you have to pay the additional costs yourself.

The international bankdata are the IBAN(International Bank Account Number) and
BIC(Bank Identification Code) codes, wich can be used to transfer money from your country to the Netherlands, without extra costs.
The foreign shippingcosts are different then the national Dutch shipping costs.
The basic shipping costs shown, are for shipments up to 2Kg in weight. € 15,75 (inkl. 21% MwSt)
Shipment is mostly traceable via DHL Tracktrace, goes via normal basic packagepost and is for risc of buyer(no standard insurance).

Shipping risk:
Shipping is for risk of buyer and is mostly done via DHL (standard package to foreign countries). The risk of damage, loss or theft, shall pass directly to the buyer, as soon as we have transferred the goods to the carrier/deliverer.
Inside the BENELUX, there is no standard insurance (chance for problems is smaller). If you want your package sent insured, let us know. The costs are € 1,50 extra.
Outside BENELUX: You will get a Tracktrace code AND standard DHL insurance (€ 500,-). Shipping is for your own risk. We will help you with problems, but take no liability for your shipment. The liability lies at DHL.
Modelraketten.NL therefore accepts no liability after delivery of the shipment to DHL post, via PostNL or any other shipping service. If you do not agree with this, you should NOT use our services.

Our experience is that it almost always goes well. But some delays can occur or the package is sent back to us, due to wrong address information, provided by reciever himself, or not collecting the package in time from the Service Point/Collecting Point.

The shipping options "Rembours package" & "Insured Package" are not used standard, because of the higher shipping charges.
Are you dissatisfied despite our good care about you shipment, or do you want insured shipping, you can contact us.

Payment afterwards:
(Within the Netherlands Only)
In exceptional cases (urgency) direct shipping is possible, provided that direct payment takes place.
For this you can contact Modelraketten.NL.
All additional associated costs, due to shortfalls of the payment, will be charged to the purchaser of the relevant order.

Complaints concerning visible defects of the products must be submitted in writing (mail) within 5 working days after receiving the product. By exceeding these 5 working days customer loses all rights and powers regarding any defects and/or complaints.
Modelraketten.NL will try to resolve a complaint within 14 days. Modelraketten.NL will inform you via writing (mail).

Applicable law and disputes:
All legal relationships in which the purchaser is a Party, shall be governed solely by Dutch law, even if a commitment is granted in whole or in part abroad or if the party involved in the legal relationship has residence abroad. The applicability of the Vienna Purchase convention is excluded. Parties will first appeal to the court after they have made the utmost effort to settle a dispute in mutual agreement.

The buyer has the right to return (cooling off period) within 7 working days after delivery of the product. Without giving any reason, the buyer can return a product where the purchase price is paid back. The costs of sending and returning the product are for the buyer.
The buyer is responsible for damage, theft or loss during transport.
Readmission only occurs if the following conditions are met:
The product must be returned in the original, undamaged packaging, any printing, tickets and tags may not be damaged or removed. The product may not be used and/or be damaged and should still be sellable. If these conditions are met, Modelraketten.NL will return the purchase amount within 30 days.

Modelraketten.NL gives buyers the opportunity through it's website (www.Modelraketten.NL), to order it's products and/or services. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, you must not make use of the possibilities that are provided by Modelraketten.NL

Have a nice day,

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